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In Japan, it is a traditional custom that people visit Shinto shrines and receive sacred goods such as Ofuda and Omamori. These can give yearly protection, good luck, happiness, or success in business. Visitors to Shusse Inari Shrine come for this especially.

Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America has the same spirits in it of our main shrine in Japan, Shusse Inari Shrine, so you are able to share in these blessings.

We have Ofuda (amulets), Omamori (charms), Ema (wishing boards), Engi-mono (bamboo rakes, decorative arrows, etc.) and Kamidana (small shrines for your home or workplace). All items have been blessed; however, if you would like a personalized blessing, please let us know.

Please contact us if you would like to have our goods, we are happy to ship to you!

※Prices do not include shipping fees or customs duties.



Kamidana is a small shrine for your home or workplace. Please display it high on a shelf on the north or west wall in your living room or workplace. This may include places such as offices, restaurants, shops, stores or dojo for kendo, judo, aikido, or karate. Please place Ofuda inside of the Kamidana and offer fresh water, uncooked rice, and salt with Shinki. Please ask us for more details.

※Shinki includes two Kawarake (plates for salt and uncooked rice), one Mizutama (a vessel for water), two Sakaki Tate (vase for Sakaki branches), and two Heishi or Tokkuri (sake decanter).

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